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Designing the Future: Instructional Design in the Metaverse


$500 Enroll

Full course description

Course Begins Monday, March 4th, 2024. 

Exclusive for First Cohort: The course will cost $150 using the code VRPIONEER for the first 100 learners. 68/100 remaining. 

Welcome to a groundbreaking adventure that fuses the thrill of VR experiences with the practicality of instructional design. This program isn't solely about absorbing information—it's about evolving into an architect of an educational revolution within virtual reality.

What You'll Accomplish:

  • Translating Theory into Practice: Apply both traditional and contemporary learning theories to craft immersive e-learning environments.
  • Goal-Oriented Targets: Define explicit, achievable objectives that guide learners through the virtual universe.
  • Design Dynamics: Hone the art of crafting captivating 3D content and simulations within an inventive virtual environment.
  • Innovative Methods: Employ ADDIE, design thinking, and rapid prototyping to construct distinctive eLearning experiences.
  • Effective Evaluation: Master the skills to gauge your projects' impact and adjust for ongoing enhancement.
  • Display Your Skills: Develop a professional portfolio showcasing your proficiency in VR instructional design.

Prepare to shape the future of eLearning. Your journey towards mastering immersive VR experiences and instructional design in the metaverse commences here. Are you prepared to shape the forthcoming landscape?

NMSU Metaversity | Instructional Design 

NMSU was one of the ten Metaversities launched in partnership with Victory XR in the U.S. in the fall of 2022 through a cohort with Victory XR. Since the launch, several departments have begun utilizing Virtual Reality. One of the secret sauces to the success of the virtual reality integration is our instructional design team, who have worked with faculty to create immersive learning experiences. We are excited to share how this can be done for your stakeholders!

Learning Experience 

This course offers complete self-paced flexibility, supplemented with optional weekly webinars hosted by the Metaversity team through web conferencing and virtual reality. Every activity in this course mirrors the real-world tasks of an instructional designer or anyone aiming to collaboratively craft immersive experiences with stakeholders.

Technology Required

While an ideal setup includes a virtual reality headset such as Meta Quest 2/3, it's important to note that you won't require one to successfully complete the course. The experiences you craft will span fully immersive, semi-immersive, and non-immersive formats, ensuring accessibility for all participants.

Return on Investment 

By successfully completing this course, you'll not only gain a prestigious digital badge and a certificate to enhance your resume, but you'll also receive a professionally curated portfolio of your work. Showcase your achievements with confidence on platforms like LinkedIn and other social media, establishing yourself as a standout professional in your field. Elevate your credentials and leave the course not just with knowledge, but with tangible proof of your expertise.