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Virtual Reality for Education


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Full course description

In this course, we’ll explore the foundations of creating VR Job Training simulations. This course is created by an educator that helps students work with local companies to build functioning VR job training prototypes to mutually benefit the student (real world work) and the company (by exploring VR job training with little to no cost).

We’ll explore an established workflow that includes how to manage partnerships with local schools/universities for development, what questions to ask before beginning, and how to determine Return on Investment (ROI). Whether you’re an entrepreneurial educator, or you just got put in charge of exploring VR for job training at your company, you’ll find value in this course.

Course Objectives:

  1. Explain what makes a VR job training experience effective
  2. Identify job training skills that translate effectively into VR
  3. Create a visual project workflow from “consult” to “completion”
  4. Ask essential questions to determine what the user hears, sees, and does
  5. Create a “paper prototype” to visualize the VR job training
  6. Discuss the costs and benefits of pre-made (“canned”) VR job trainings vs custom made VR job trainings